With all the stress that goes into planning a wedding, it’s sometimes easy to overlook that it’s your groom’s day as much as it is yours.

He’s listened to your ivory vs. cream dilemmas, dried your frustrated tears and built that custom photobooth you drooled over on Pinterest. It’s only right that you make his wedding day just as unforgettable as yours.

Here are some great ways to make your groom feel special.

Throw a Man Shower


Photo: Valley and Co.

Plan a weekend getaway for him and his groomsmen. It can range from anything from a golf outing to a poker tournament to a surprise trip to Las Vegas. Or you can just arrange a thank-you party in your home, complete with unlimited ESPN, booze and snacks. It’s a way for your groom to bond with his friends and escape from any pre-wedding stress.

Engrave His Wedding Band


Photo: 4Eyes Photography

You might not be able to get away with stealing his wedding band, but you can keep the engraving a surprise. Ideas include song lyrics, your wedding date, a special quote or fingerprints.

Customize His Look


Photo: Sweet Little Photographs

He’s probably not looking forward to wearing a hot pink rose on his chest, so why not switch it up a bit? Incorporate his hobbies or interests into his bouttonneire for a sentimental surprise. This could also work for his shoes, ties, suspenders or socks. (Note: If you’re picky about color schemes, characters or objects can be painted neutral colors.)

Sew A Message


Photo: Janae Shields Photography

This bride sewed a tiny message onto her groom’s tie so that he would find it while he was getting dressed. Other brides are sewing secret messages into shirts and tuxes for their grooms.

Assemble a Survival Kit


Photo: Alexi 101

The morning of, he might need a little assurance and a lot of love. Put together a survival kit that includes all the essentials, and attach a heartfelt card (or boudouir photos, wink wink). For extra brownie points, gift each groomsmen a survival kit containing liquor, an engraved flask, cigars, etc.

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