How To Wear Your Denim Skirt This Summer

Check out how to wear your denim skirt this summer; from Society 19

When the season starts changing, you know it’s time to pull out that staple denim skirt. We have our long denim skirts, our pencil denim skirts, button denim skirts… to be short, there are many variations of the denim skirt. There are so many ways to sport a good denim skirt, and trends are constantly changing. Here are a few ways to wear your denim skirt this summer!

1. With A Denim Jacket

Don’t be afraid of this look; it’s extremely stylish and you’ll get props if you can manage to pull it off!

Wear your favorite jean skirt with a neutral colored tank top or t-shirt; you want to take the attention away from that part of the outfit. Make sure that your two denims are somewhat in the same shade range, just so everything looks cohesive. Match with a nice hoop earring and a black heel and you’ve got yourself a look!

How To Wear Your Denim Skirt This Summer

2. Light Sweater

Light, easy to wear sweaters are so important for the summer; not every night is going to be scorching hot.

Colors like white, beige and light pink are all good light sweaters to have for the summer. Match them with a shorter jean skirt and a cute wedge to dress it up, or a pair of converse to dress it down. It’s up to the vibe of the day, but you have options. If you enjoy the oversize look, buy your sweater a size bigger and tuck in a portion in the front of your skirt.

3. Neon Shirt

I feel as though throughout the last few summer seasons, as a whole, we’ve become scared of neon. But, with the increasing popularity in summer festivals, these “out-there” colors are making their return!

One of my favorite ways to wear any neon bodysuit or tank is with a denim skirt. The denim plays down the craziness of the neon and turns the whole look into something more stylish. Wear this on a night out or to your choice of festival.

4. Super Long Denim

A long denim skirt is a professional, classy skirt.

This skirt works best accompanied by a neutral blouse. Long denim skirts seem to turn off a lot of people because they believe it isn’t showing off enough skin. However, if you wear it right, this look is guaranteed to turn heads.

It’s an easy transition look; you can wear it to work during the day, as it isn’t as casual as a regular length denim skirt. After your day of work, this is a look that can be worn out at night for a five to seven or a nice dinner and drinks. We love a good two in one!

How To Wear Your Denim Skirt This Summer


5. White denim

Different colored denims are versatile, and will always make for an interesting outfit.

White denim is one of my favorites, and it seems to have made its return. I personally enjoy wearing white denim with a beige/brown bandeau. If you’re feeling courageous, you can match the white denim skirt with a white bandeau; just try and color block with a black belt.

How To Wear Your Denim Skirt This Summer


6. With A Beach Hat

Nothing screams “I belong on the beach” more than a beach hat does.

For anyone looking to keep their denim skirt totally casual, the beach hat adds that element to the look. Wear a regular white t-shirt or tank, with your short denim skirt and a beach hat. You probably even have your bikini on underneath!

Will you be trying any of these denim skirt outfits this summer? Know of any other denim skirt summer outfits? Let us know in the comments!