How To Wear The Tie-Dye Trend This Summer

Learn how to wear the tie-dye trend this summer; from Society 19

It may have just turned spring but you know we’ve got our eyes set on summer! We’re on the lookout for the latest trends that you’ll be seeing everywhere this coming season, and one of them is none other than good old fashioned tie-dye. Can you believe this psychedelic fashion statement is making a comeback? This trend is a fun one, perfect for beach days or even days out on the town. So here is how you can wear the tie-dye trend when summer finally rolls around!

1. Statement piece

It’s no secret that the tie-dye trend is intended to catch your eye, so why not take advantage and use this trend as a statement piece? Perfect for bright pops of color, this statement will not only go great with your tanned skin but will also keep you perky whenever you catch a glimpse of the brightness. Use this as a way to take full advantage of the intensity that the tie-dye trend comes with and wear one specific piece that is totally tie-dye. It can be a bathing suit, a tank top, or even a pair of shoes, any of these will be sure to make your outfit pop this summer!

How To Wear The Tie-Dye Trend This Summer


2. Keep it casual

The best part about the tye-die trend is that it’s perfect for casual outfits! Summer is a great time to wear comfortable and breezy clothes, and it doesn’t get more relaxed than a cozy tie-dye shirt. Find one with a cute pattern or symbol and throw it on before you head to the beach and you’ll be the perfect combo of both sweet and cozy. What could be better?

How To Wear The Tie-Dye Trend This Summer

3. Keep it flowy

Most people love summer because it’s a great time to enjoy both cute clothes and warm weather! Thankfully, the tie-dye trend is here to help us keep things comfortable while still staying on trend this summer. Whether it’s a matching short and top set or a one-piece romper, you can find great tie-dye options to wear this season that will keep you comfortable all day while still making sure you’re kept in tip-top fashionable shape.

How To Wear The Tie-Dye Trend This Summer


4. Dress it up

Believe it or not, it’s possible to dress up this casual trend! This takes the tie-dye trend to a more low-key level by having the color scheme full of neutral tones rather than bright colors, this makes it easier to dress up these outfits when you need to! These dresses are perfect for your night out on the town. Easy to dress up or down, you can throw one of these dresses on and go for a drink, grab dinner with your girls, or even wear to a concert or event. You’ll be sure to be comfortable, plus it’s easy to dress up this outfit with the right pair of shoes and a few accessories!

How To Wear The Tie-Dye Trend This Summer


All in all, I know it’s easy to believe that tie-dye is just an old trend from the ’70s that was created by hippies during the Woodstock generation, but I promise it’s more than that! The tie-dye trend is one that’s here to stay, (at least for now), so while it is, you might as well make the most of it! Use this trend as a way to make a statement with your outfits, keep it casual on your way to the beach, or dress it up for your night out. There are so many options to choose from you’re sure to find one that suits you.

What’s your favorite way to wear the tie-dye trend? Let us know in the comments below!