Candy-Covered Wedding Cakes Guaranteed To Impress Your Guests

Because there are so many trendy wedding cakes for you to get inspired these days, wedding cakes with creative designs reign supreme. No longer do brides have to settle for a classic, simple confection wedding cake with flowers or piping. 

Whether they are black wedding cakes or show-stopping geometric wedding cakesunique and creative wedding cake designs are definitely on trend. Today we have something very different and creative in these candy-covered wedding cakes that are guaranteed to impress your wedding guests.

Here are some delightful candy-covered wedding cakes guaranteed to impress your wedding guests, from weddingbells:

When it comes to candy, our philosophy is that there can never be too much. Take your reception sweet table to the next level by incorporating sugary sweets into your wedding cake to add a touch of retro whimsy. Everything from jelly beans and gumballs to rock candy and licorice can be used to adorn your wedding confection.

Here we’ll show you some gorgeous candy-covered wedding cakes that would make a lovely addition to any dessert table spread.

In the photo above, tiny gumdrops look delicate and delicious when they’re used to decorate pretty pastel wedding cakes.

Cake by The Wicked Little Cake Company. Meringue and mini cake by Nadia & Co.


Blue and white jellybeans gave this gorgeous mint green cake a bejewelled look.

Mini cake, macarons and mint green cake by Nadia & Co.


Rock candy, braided licorice and pink mints look incredible together as accents to decorate this exquisite three-tiered wedding cake.

Cake by White Cakery Co.


Delectable petite treats placed alongside your favourite bonbons are the perfect way to give guests an instant sugar rush.

Marshmallow swirls, white chocolate malt balls, pink chocolate almonds and purple and pink candy by LOL Candy. White and pink rock candy by Hammond’s Candies. Gummies by Squish Candies. Clear takeout box from Creative Bag. French macarons, blue marshmallows, eclairs and mini cakes from Nadia & Co.

Photography by Yvonne Duivenvoorden. Styling by Catherine Doherty. First published in the Fall & Winter 2014 issue of Weddingbells.