Wedding DIY: Taking the “Bride” Hanger to a New Level

The “Bride” hanger has pretty much become a staple for wedding photography these days, and now we are even seeing variations of them being used for Bridesmaids’ dresses as well as Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom dresses.

Not only do these creative tweaks on an otherwise ordinary object make perfect bridal shower or engagement gifts, but they also present a great opportunity for a DIY project to let a little bit of the bride’s personality shine through!

Most hangers out there are made of a beautiful wood and have your custom phrase, such as Future Mrs. or Bride, twisted into an adorable font with wire or hand painted onto the wood itself. They are beautiful, simple, and elegant… but maybe your bride is not so simple. Maybe she is the belle of the ball, the life of the party, the adventurous free-spirit, the calm, zen, go with the flow bride, the loves-everything-glitter bride. Did I just describe your bestie perfectly? Then why not add some flare, some spice, some zen to her hanger!? The best part about DIY is that the sky is the limit, so brainstorm with your fellow bridesmaids or some of the bride’s other friends and come up with some details that you can add to the hanger with some paint and other elements to take that precious dress holder to another level! Here are some awesome, crafty variations to give you inspiration for your DIY hanger:

For the Sassy Bride

Add some glitter or sequins and this bride is sure to sparkle!


{via Pearls and Pastries}

For the Beachy Bride

Starfish and seashells will help this bride get swept away.


{via DeighanDesign}

For the Indie Bride

A spare dry cleaning hanger covered in a funky fabric is sure to make this bride swoon.


{via Cutout and Keep}

How will you add some pizzazz to your Bride’s hanger?

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