Wedding Food – 4 Reception Styles to Choose From: An Infographic

You are recently engaged and now starting to wade into the realities of wedding planning – that it can get really expensive really fast.

One of the biggest budget items for weddings is the cost of food and drink.  

Here is a great infographic that lays out 4 different reception styles for handling the all-important wedding food issue, reblogged from Cherryblossoms and Faeriewings:


photo source:  100 Layer Cake

Reception food will definitely EAT a big chunk on your wedding budget. That’s a a fact. While taste and food aesthetics are give-aways when deciding for wedding food, one major thing you need to consider is the kind of reception you want to have. Will you be having a Sit Down or Buffet style? If you’re having a close knit, intimate wedding reception, you may choose from either a Family Style or Speciality Reception. Consider your budget, food choices and inclusions, coherence to your wedding theme, and maximum enjoyment of your guests when deciding. Here are 4 reception choices (with pros and cons!) to help you decide.

P.S. We had Speciality “Brunch” Reception for our wedding! :)

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Infographic source: Simply Bridal