Wedding Gadgets and Apps for the Tech-Savvy Bride

Any tech savvy brides in the house? There are quite a few of you, and grooms, too! Whether or not you’re in the tech-savvy world, or would like to enhance your wedding in a fun technical way, we have a list of wedding gadgets and apps for you, that was compiled for us, and we are happy to share this with you all!

Read on for some ideas, and let us know if you will be incorporating any of these at your wedding.

Modern brides have wedding planning in the palm of their hands. Smartphones and tablets make sharing ideas, booking vendors and capturing moments as easy as ‘swipe and deploy.’ These digital life savers will transform your special day from traditional to cutting edge.

Wedding Party App

A wedding as unique as yours demands an equally distinct means of communication. Keep guests up-to-date with event happenings no matter where they are. Using Wedding Party, you can fully customize your personal app to include upcoming news, wedding events and schedules complete with pictures and venue information. Guests can share notes, messages and upload pictures through every step of your wedding journey, creating a lifetime of memories to treasure.


Wedding Success Tip: Create a custom hashtag (i.e. #lisaandjohnforever) to document wedding pictures shared on Instagram or Twitter. Ask guests to tag pictures with the selected hashtag to easily search for moments captured online.



Adding vintage flare with a digital twist, Fotio provides a chic and affordable alternative to bulky old photo booths. Party goers will be drawn to the stylish features of this antique-style camera. With the push of a button, guests can snap away at their own discretion and view the beautiful black and white images in slideshow format displayed on a 20″ iMac screen.

Wedding Success Tip: Bring unique props, set up a stylish backdrop and encourage guests to get creative with pictures.

Wedding Wire


Ditch your clunky wedding organizer and download the WeddingWire app. In conjunction with your iPad or tablet, the app lets you organize guest lists, manage vendors, plan your budget, even create custom seating charts. The virtual floor plan designer lets you drag-and-drop guests to create your perfect seating arrangement and adjust it as your day draws near. Then simply print, export or email your list to your wedding planner and your work is done.

Wedding Success Tip: If your handheld device holds your big day road map, success lies in the hands of your wireless charger. You can buy a wireless charger at retailers like T-Mobile, just don’t forget to pack it!

GoPro Cameragopro


Don’t let its size fool you. This tiny camera is huge for capturing footage from any vantage point. Forget the bouquet toss, make your floral arrangement useful by turning into a portable videographer. Tech-savvy brides across the country have gone viral with their bouquet wedding footage captured by a stealth GoPro HERO 3. With its wide angle perspective and auto low light mode you can capture professional grade video all day and night.

Wedding Success Tip: Download the GoPro app to share your videos with friends and followers in a snap.

Fun Wedding

Choosing a venue, picking out flowers, creating a guest list, selecting invitations…the list goes on and on. Just when you thought you had it all covered, the DJ asks you to compile a list of songs you’d like to play at the reception. Who has time for that? The Fun Wedding app helps you select a winning playlist by providing you with an extensive compilation of music charts. You can sort through categories like bride and groom, bridal party, top 200 most requested songs and most overplayed songs. Create a request list from your favorites and cross that task off your list.

Wedding Success Tip: Although some songs may seem cliché and overdone (see: YMCA) they can be great ice breakers. Choose at least one or two to encourage the wallflowers in your wedding.

Which of these intrigues you more? Since I’ve started designing wedding signs and stationary, I’ve had a lot of requests for “Instagram Signs“, as shown above, for people to have on the tables and about the ceremony & reception.  It’s a clever way to capture all those candid moments, in a trendy and savvy way!

Let us know which apps you’ll be using, or if you have other ideas, we’d love to hear about it!

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