Wedding Guest Book, For Your Spring Wedding

As important as your wedding day, are the memories of this celebration, the videos, the photos, even the gifts will make you remember for years a unique experience and probably one of the best days of your life. Another of the most usual ways in which we treasure these memories is through the guest book.

By tradition, this book is at the entrance of the venue, and the guests place their signatures and sometimes a couple of lines with their best wishes for the newlyweds and the chapter that begins as a marriage. Others decide to place it after some hours of the celebration, to let those guests who leaving the chance to write their best wishes.

Any way you decide to place it, what’s important is that you like it, that it matches the venue decor, and that it allows you to appreciate it and to treasure it over the years. With spring already close we want to show you a couple of original options for a floral wedding, which your family and friends will envy.

Finger Prints

A Simple Oak Fingerprint Tree is a memorable way for your friends and family to share their joy and well wishes for the bride and groom. A special day deserves a special touch. The Fingerprint Tree is colored and decorated by the guests with their fingerprints and words of good wishes. The Fingerprint Tree becomes a piece of art that can be added to your home like a decoration.

Wedding Guest Book, For Your Spring Wedding

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For The Record

For the record, please sign our guest book! For music lovers, a beautiful classic record player for your whole family to sign your favorite acetate album. A very modern and original idea, which you can then place as a work of art to decorate your house and always remember a beautiful day.

Map Template

When two people decide to share their lives in marriage, two families come together, and sometimes this family comes from another country or state and we want to honor our wonderful cultural differences. A beautiful way to do it is with a guest book with the map of the country of origin of the boyfriend or girlfriend, or maybe the in-laws.

On the other hand, the couple to be married may be celebrating their wedding in their home country and the map may be from the country they are going to live or vice versa. What is certain is that it is a beautiful detail.

Photo Frame

The most beautiful thing about being engaged is to be engaged, to be able to say my fioncè, show everyone your beautiful ring, and of course the photo session.

Sometimes thematic, sometimes with great significance for the location, clothing or guests we select to accompany us in the photos, your engagement photo session is unforgettable. Not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy or appreciate it with us, so you can do something very original like having your guests sign the frame of one of your engagement photos. You will add more love to a photo that was already full of love.

Will Guitar

This may be the ideal option for a musician, imagine being able to merge two things you love madly. Take your favorite guitar and let your loved ones sign it and fill it with good wishes, so every time you play it you’ll be close to the ones you love most.

You can also take a guitar that you no longer use and then place it as a decoration in your home.

Wooden Piece of Art

Forget about the classic wedding books that end up stored in the garage. This is a true work of art, it is not only original but very elegant. A piece of wood, with their names and the signatures and messages of love from everyone they love, in one place and ready to hang on the wall of your living room.

Waves Lover

Not only are there original ideas for music lovers, but we also show you this incredible idea for wave lovers. The perfect touch for a beach wedding. After a couple of Margaritas, you can be sure that the table will be full of signatures.

Epoxy Table

Finally, we have the most elaborate option. This couple decided to take the messages of love and affection from their Guest Book and place them on the surface of an epoxy table to make a very original and inspiring decoration.





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