Wedding Invitations, Cards & Stationery: The Most Romantic Design Paper

The design of your wedding invitations is one of the most important steps in the planning process, as it is the first contact that all your family and friends will have with what will be the best event of your life (so far), for which you must strive so that in that small piece of paper, the essence of what your wedding will be and that new chapter you and your spouse are about to begin is captured.

The design, color palette, and materials of your invitations must be in harmony with the rest of the wedding stationery (menu, thank you notes, etc.) so you must designate this important and detailed task to expert hands,

However, even if a designer or company specializing in prints has years of experience, it is always easier for them (and for you) if you in your head are clear of what you want to reflect on your invitations. Forget about the general information, and focus on the details, colors, textures, fragrances that will become one with the rest of the wedding theme.

Here is a selection of the best stationery combos for your wedding, so that you get inspired and it is easier for you to convey to your provider what you really want. And why not take advantage and check the pages of the extraordinary photographers behind each of these extraordinary photoshoots

Prints, pastel tones, and watercolor flowers evoke the tranquility of the meadow. You can almost feel the breeze mixed with the smell of hydrangeas.

Wedding Menu The Most Romantic Design Paper10

Josh & Dana Fernandez Photography

A palette of plum colors in all its shades, with flowers in watercolor, and sealed with a very romantic touch of wax and classic seal.

Wedding Menu The Most Romantic Design Paper9

Emily Wren Weddings

Another version also in plums, with calligraphy in gold and gray and white backgrounds. Finishing with a classic wax seal.

Wedding Menu The Most Romantic Design Paper6

Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay

A matt pink base, with neat white for contrast, floral landscapes in the background watercolor, deep white calligraphy, and for a final touch the leaves asymmetrically and again we have a wax seal, this time in white pure.

Wedding Menu The Most Romantic Design Paper5

Josh & Dana Fernandez Photography

With a light blue ash tone and white letters, this card is a winner. The design of countryside and landscapes in watercolor, includes even a map of the location also painted in watercolor. The theme ends with pale pink details.

Wedding Menu The Most Romantic Design Paper2

Jessa Schifilliti

An electric orange color, perfect to highlight the greenery tones of the rest of the floral decor. Italics in white background, framed in a second solid diamond shape white background.

Wedding Menu The Most Romantic Design Paper1

Krista Mason Photography

A solid white background is enough for this golden frame with details in the corners. The golden calligraphy, the flowers in watercolor stand out dramatically with the blue of the envelopes, making this the perfect color combination.

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Caroline Logan Photography

Subtle and at the same time dramatic! White envelopes with gold inside. A mixture of golden fonts will look out of the way with floral details, your guests will love it.

Wedding Menu The Most Romantic Design Paper7

Carlie Statsky

How about some invitations in black? You probably never thought of this color for wedding invitations, but as you can see, it is a wonderful and extremely elegant mix.

Wedding Menu The Most Romantic Design Paper4

Mariel Hannah Photography

With a vintage tone, these invitations with torn edges and floral details will be in all your family’s Instagram accounts weeks before the wedding, everyone will love it!

Wedding Menu The Most Romantic Design Paper3

Rachel Marvin Creative

Did you find the inspiration you needed? Let’s hope so!