Wedding Food & Catering Options: Some Things to Consider

You have a number of options for how you serve food to your wedding guests.

In addition to the standard sit-down wedding reception catering option, a hot wedding trend is interactive food and beverage stations where your wedding guests can customize their food, desserts and drinks.  In this type of setting, you can have a chef, bartender or sommelier on hand to interact and explain the origins of a dish, dessert, wine or other beverage to your wedding guests.

If you are more into the do-it-yourself mode, another wedding catering trend is DIY wedding food stations which are a fun way to let your guests serve themselves when it’s time to eat.

And if being environmentally conscious concerns you, since the serving and disposal of food for your wedding is definitely an area in which can make an impact on our planet, there are several eco-friendly wedding catering options available for you to consider.

Here are some more things to consider when it comes to your wedding food and catering options, from Weddzilla: 

So you’ve set the date, possibly chosen a venue, and now it’s time to think about your wedding menu. When you and your fianc? sit down to discuss what food you would like to serve your guests on your big day, there are some important things to keep in mind. Bon appetit!

Catering Options Do you and your husband-to-be have a favorite restaurant that you want to share with all of your friends and family? If so, why not ask if they cater for weddings. ?Just because your venue may be able to provide food for you doesn’t mean you can’t have an outside vendor caterer for your wedding if this is what you would prefer.?If you’re not into the whole formal sit down dinner bit, a catered buffet is the perfect solution.

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Does your venue have a restaurant? If you choose to have your reception at a venue that has a restaurant, see what they can provide in-house. Pick a day to go in with your fianc? to sample the menu and have a chat with the chef.? They can talk to you about what has worked in the past and what they can do to accommodate you. Remember to ask about package deals that include beverage options as venue wedding packages can often work out cheaper than outside caterers. Your options however, may be dictated by the type of food that you want, so it is important to clarify the ideas ?you and your partner have for your wedding menu before you start listing your options.

What will you be having to drink?? If you are a wine drinker and want to take your wedding menu experience up a notch, you may want to thinking about pairing your drinks with the food you are serving rather than just offering just one red wine and one white wine option.? Talk to whoever is providing you with your food about possible pairings or signature cocktails that they think will enhance your guests’ overall experience.? If you are planning on having an open bar at your wedding, it’s always a good idea to close the open bar while dinner is being served to help cut costs. ?Don’t forget to offer a beer and soft drink option for non wine drinkers during the meal.

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Cost If you’re a bride on a budget, you will need to keep costs in mind while deciding what your guests will be eating and drinking. The more formal the meal, typically the more expensive it will be, unless you have some kind of connection with a particular chef, restaurant, or caterer in town who can give you a brilliant deal.? Buffets are typically much cheaper than a sit down 3 course meal, with a filet mignon entree.? If you’re set on a sit down formal dinner but want to save a few bucks, limit the entree choices to less expensive options such as chicken or vegetarian.

Dessert Not everyone is opting for the traditional wedding cake these days. Smaller sweets are definitely an option that many brides are using including a selection of different mini deserts or a fancy desert table.? Think cupcakes, cake pops, mini cakes and an array of tempting retro-styled candies. Not only will you be a huge hit with the little kids at your wedding but the big kids too. You can even provide some cellophane bags so guests can take some candy home with them if they aren’t keen on munching away through the night.

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