Wedding Music: DJ vs. Band – How to Choose


By far one of the most fun parts of a wedding reception is the dancing – especially if you have a great band or DJ. The better the musical guest, the better the party! There are amazing options out there, but first you have to decide what you’re looking for. Since it can be hard to pick between a DJ and band for your Big Day, we thought we’d help you choose:

If you don’t have much room….a DJ might be better. A band or orchestra means several people, microphones, cords, and amplifiers, not to mention the instruments themselves. If your reception venue is in an area tight on space, you want to save all the space you can. A DJ won’t take up much room – and they’ll be plenty left for dancing.

If you want nothing but high energy…a band might be perfect. Most bands who perform at social events and weddings are pros at working the room. They usually have great charisma, and get everyone on the dance floor. This can be a great addition to your celebration, and help keep the party going strong.

If you have a tighter budget…then choose a DJ. They tend to be cheaper than most musical groups. Of course there are exceptions, but since you are only paying one person, they tend to be the less expensive option.

If you absolutely love live music…then hands down, pick a band or orchestra. We all love seeing musicians perform live, but some of us LOVE it. If this is important to you or your fiancé, definitely consider this option. Not only will you love it, but your guests will too.

If you love variety…then a DJ could be the right choice. Since they will have a huge catalogue of songs, you have an almost limitless library to choose from. Musicians might not perform a song you love, but a DJ will have it ready.

If you still can’t decide…then step back and examine the look of your wedding. Your location, theme, venue, and personal music tastes will help you decide. An intimate wedding in the country? A small bluegrass band would be amazing. A large glitzy uptown affair? A jazz quartet might be right up your alley. This is YOUR day, so pick what works for you and your fiancé. Live it up!

 From msreventsco.