Wedding Neon Signs, Latest Trend for Backdrops Decor

The wedding backdrops decoration is getting better and better and now includes dazzling wedding neon signs. We love this new proposal because it allows you to adjust it both to the visual line that your wedding has and to the style and personal touch that the wedding couple want to give it. You can make a typography selection and also customize the phrase that is placed as a neon sign.

The best of all is that this piece or new important element in the wedding backdrops decoration will not only be enjoyed by you and your partner but also by the guests -who with a lot of security- will want photos with that spectacular wedding neon sign that they will not find everywhere.
Following the hashtag #WeddingNeonSigns we have found incredible ideas that become a reference not only for the neon sign but also for the selection of the phrase, the color and the style of backdrop that would complement your wedding neon sign very well. Don’t forget to hire a professional photographer to ensure you deliver wedding photographs as incredible as you will see below.

Please, keep scrolling down to check out the lastest trend of wedding neon signs!

· Nº 1 Love of my life

Wedding Neon Signs
Source: @oohlaneon


· Nº 2 It was always you

· Nº 3 Drunk in love

Wedding Neon Signs
Source: @loveglowsletterslightslove


· Nº 4 Your new last name


· Nº 5 Better together

Wedding Neon Signs
Source: @theibizaweddingplanner


· Nº 6 ‘Til death


· Nº 7 Foreva eva?

Wedding Neon Signs
Source: @howdydudeyneon


· Nº 8 From here to infinity with you

Wedding Neon Signs
Source: @thiswillbeforever


· Nº 9 Happily every after

Wedding Neon Signs
Source: @thesmallthingsco


· Nº 10 Mr & Mrs

Wedding Neon Signs
Source: @hoopalaire