Wedding Photo Ideas: 10 Creative Ways To Pose

Many times wedding photos can be cheesy and unoriginal.  But if you want wedding photos that look and feel authentic and full of love, you can find amazing wedding photo ideas and poses to show your wedding photographer as a guide.

Since you want to make sure that you and your wedding photographer are on the same page about your wedding  photos , it is always a good idea to meet with your wedding photographer well in advance, to discuss your wedding photo ideas.

There are some great photo ideas and poses for your bridesmaid as well as for your groomsmen. 

Here are more wedding photo ideas: 10 creative ways to pose, from weddingbells:

While a traditional wedding photo taken with the bridal party and family members makes a nice keepsake, we love when couples go above and beyond with their wedding shots. Striking a unique bridal pose with your posse (or your mister!) is one way to instill your fun personalities into any wedding photo. Not to mention, they would be great printouts for you to hang around the house–or would even make nice “thank-you” photo cards.

Think that taking a creative wedding photo just isn’t your style? There are all sorts of way to get inventive with your guests, while still keeping things classy and romantic. For example, having an intimate celebration with less than 50 people? Have your photographer gather everyone together to create a heart-shaped pose (as pictured above). Or, if you’re having wedding sparklers at the end of the evening, twirl them around to create words, your wedding date, or letters (your initials) for picture-perfect wedding photos. For couples that love the idea of including props, try including a frame (big enough to fit you and your groom).

To get you inspired for your own shots, here’s a round-up of 10 fun wedding photo ideas to try.


Add “l-o-v-e” by creating the letters with your fingers for a picture-perfect shot.

Image via Pinterest.


Incorporate cool wedding signs into your bridal party shot, like this couple did with the popular “and they lived happily ever after” phrase.

Image via imgfave.


Note the sunset time on your big day to capture this romantic silhouette shot of you and your mister.

Image via Paper Olive.


Twirl your sparklers to create words like “love” just like this real wedding couple did.

Photography InVision Studios. As see in this slideshow.


Use your urban atmosphere to your advantage by sneaking a photo in the middle of a street or intersection.

Image via Jared Wilson Photography.


Want all your guests included into one giant wedding photo? Add some heart-shaped balloons to add whimsy to this classic shot.

Image via Once Wed.


Borrow inspiration from Vogue‘s June 2009 issue with this hot staged shot of a model tossing the bouquet to her “bridal party”.

Image via moodboard.


Love the idea of incorporating frames into your pictures? We think a huge rustic frame placed outdoors is one sweet way to do so.

Image via Sugar & Soul Photography.


Blow some confetti (or glitter) towards your photographer for this cute pic of you and your husband.

Image via Weddingbee.