Wedding Ring Bearer Trends: Signs Instead of Pillows

After the groomsmen and bridesmaids make their way down the aisle, your youngest and most adorable wedding attendants—the ring bearer and flower girl—make their debut.

The ring bearer is traditionally a small boy aged 4 to 8, usually a young family member of the bride or groom.  The ring bearer walks down the aisle, typically just before or just after the flower girl, carrying the wedding rings up to the wedding officiant, best man and maid of honor.

Sometimes the ring bearer carries the real wedding rings. More often than not, however, they are carrying imitation rings, as the best man is carrying the real wedding rings for safekeeping. In either case, the rings are typically tied down with ribbon or sewn to the wedding ring pillow. So, the wedding ring bearer pillow is a long-standing tradition, and we have previously posted a wonderful DIY tutorial for creating a beautiful ring bearer pillow.

Recently, many brides have transformed the role of the young ring bearer.  In addition to, or instead of, carrying the wedding rings, ring bearers are now being used by brides to send a last minute message to their grooms.  

Here are some examples of ring bearers with signs to deliver that message in style:






Images via Purple Clover Events