10 Major Wedding Trends to Watch for in 2019

Check out the 10 Major Wedding Trends to Watch for in 2019, from Womna Getting Married

Whether you’re planning your own wedding or just attending a few throughout 2019, you’re sure to notice a slew of new trends. From richer color themes to inventive food displays, check out some of the 2019 wedding trends taking the bridal industry by storm.


The concept of minimalism certainly isn’t new, but it’s likely to be a guiding principle for many weddings this year. Think: clean place settings, simple invitations, and carefully-chosen decor.

Au Naturel

Keeping with the minimalism theme, expect to see lots of greenery and foliage incorporated into everything from bouquets to tablescapes. Succulents, however, will probably be left in 2018.

No Phones Allowed

Gone are the days when one of the most important parts of wedding planning was creating a creative hashtag that combined you and your S.O.’s names. There’s nothing wrong with encouraging guests to tag their photos with your designated hashtag; however, a number of weddings this year — ceremonies in particular — likely won’t involve phones at all. Prepare to unplug!

Custom Everything

Personalized place settings? Yes. Custom favors? Yes. Commissioned stationary designed for you and your S.O.? Yes.

Deep Colors & Textures

The bolder the color, the better (including black!). Purple will be especially popular, as will velvet accents in deep colors.

Lots of Copper

Metallic hues have been “in” for awhile, and copper is expected to be big throughout 2019. This applies to decor, place settings, and even cakes.

Unique Uses of Food

In 2019, the food served at receptions will not only be vetted for its taste, but also its ~aesthetic~. Whether dinner and desserts are served in an interactive manner, displayed as art, or served in another unique way, prepare to be wow’d.

Statement Cakes

Speaking of food… cakes are also expected to be more extravagant.

Mix-and-Match Elements

There’s no need to narrow everything down to a single color palette or design. From suits combining different patterns to candles of varying heights, you’re guaranteed to see at least some variation.

Royal Inspiration

Meghan Markle may have wed Prince Harry in 2018, but the Royal Wedding will have lasting effects on many weddings to come. This is particularly true for dresses and accessories — namely, the bridal tiara.