Zero Waste! Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Your Friends Will Love

If you already have them all, congratulations! You have probably successfully completed the most difficult task as Santa’s helper but, when the moment of truth comes, you still have to wrap the presents

How to wrap gifts? It’s something we usually think about a lot, particularly at Christmas, since there is a time of crisis in which after spending hours and days looking for the perfect gifts for your children, your family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, etc. , comes the fact of wrapping them, which can seem quite intimidating if you have large amounts of gifts and not much time to wrap them.

That is why it is very important to look for creative, easy ideas that can also be more environmentally friendly than buying huge prefabricated sheets of paper that all look the same. After all, beautifully packaged gifts always feel a little more special, don’t they?

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Spent yesterday finishing the trail at the homestead, and now it's 100% complete!! We've been working on it for over a year now, so being able to walk the whole thing without tripping on landscape fabric or blackberry tendrils was very exciting 😆 . I much as I love checking items off my to-do list, there's something I really enjoy about seeing through long projects. It's not about finishing them, really, but just enjoying the process of making small and incremental change happen. 🌱 . With the homestead, I know there are many more projects we have like that to do (including ordering and planting a bunch of baby trees, and getting a big batch of compost laid down in the spring!) and I'm so excited about all of them. The engine driver in me is looking forward to the completion dates for those projects, but the old soul is also very much looking forward to the journey and all the wild and weird adventures we'll have along the way. What about you? Do you enjoy the process or the end result more? Or a little bit of both like me? 🙆🏻‍♀️ . P.S. If you're looking for a beautiful, easy, affordable, and tasty homemade gift, let me point you in the direction of this coconut maca pecan granola in the recipe archives at AdventuresInCooking! 🎁 . It's also great if you just want to make a big batch of granola to have all to yourself, too 😛 . . . . . . #giftguide #christmasgiftguide #giftguides #giftwrapping #giftwrappingideas #giftwrappingpaper #giftwrapped #giftideas #giftsforher #firstweeat #foodphotoshoot #photographytips #photographytutorial #foodiegram #farmfresh #eatpretty #foodphotography #todayfood #farmtofork #recipeoftheday #learnphotography #foodphotographyandstyling #foodphotographer #foodoftheday #foodphotographyprops #lovecooking

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You take care of the environment, you set a good example for your family and community, you save a good amount of money and most importantly, you will fulfill the task of wrapping gifts.

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Minimal Waste Gift Wrapping Pt. 1 . . . 4 million tons of waste is produced from gift wrapping, shopping bags, + cards in the US each year. This holiday season, try to minimize the amount of waste you create from wrapping presents. Here are different zero waste gift wrapping alternatives to try. . . . [Furoshiki/Japanese Fabric Wrapping] Wrap presents with scrap fabric, cloth napkins, or any article of clothing. It’s a beautiful zero waste two-in-one gift! . . . [Newspaper] Newspaper is also a great wrapping alternative. Just make sure you to read the print before you send it off as a gift! . . . [Grocery Bags/Paper Bags] Repurpose paper bags from the grocery store to wrap presents or reuse them as gift bags. Places like Trader Joe’s and Panera have beautiful holiday designs on their bags. . . . [Jars] Mason jars/repurposed jars hold anything from homemade peppermint scrubs to DIY hot cocoa mix. Jars are a great option for the person that likes to make things. . . . 📷: Tagged in Photos. #zerowaste #zerowastechristmas #zerowastegiftwrapping #gifts #presents #giftwrapping #sustainable #sustainableliving #minimalwaste #minimalwastelifestyle #reduce #reuse #repurpose #recycle #compost #furoshiki #fabricwrapping #newspaperwrapping #newspaper #grocerybag #paperbag #traderjoes #panera #repurposedjars #masonjar #jar #zerowastealternatives #diy #christmas #holidays

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To pack gifts in a “zero waste” way, you don’t have to spend so much, you just have to be a little creative (and do some research). If you usually use lots of printed paper rolls of and tape, check your environment, your house, the basement, what do you already have, that you can use for the same purpose.

The first thing you must consider is the resistance, usually, when opening a gift, we break the paper and it goes straight to the trash can, it takes more time choosing between all the design styles than in breaking it, it’s life expectancy is lower than a disposable straw.

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Looking to zero waste your holiday? Check out my blog post from December 2018 with 12 Zero Waste Holiday Tips. Living zero waste can feel like a chore this time of year. Living zero waste takes more effort, more planning, and more awareness than simply going to Amazon and ordering a bunch of physical gifts. I get it. But let me thank you for continuing to live waste-free. You are helping to make the world better for the future. 🌎 Here are two of my tips- check out my blog post for the rest! 1️⃣ Use reusable gift wrapping materials, such as cloth bags, instead of paper and bows. You can make your own cloth bags from old t-shirts or purchase a reusable tote bag with a mission from @thetoteproject. 2️⃣ Purchase items from companies that are committed to sustainability, like @solgaard. Solgaard makes a backpack, duffel, and travel luggage out of recycled plastics from the ocean. 🐳 I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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You have to consider the size, weight, and shape of the gifts you are going to wrap, not all can be wrapped in the same way or with the same materials.

Prepare your workspace (on the dining table) with your tools and everything we can take for this task, your favorite scissors, wool or jute (to tie up), wax for stamps, seals, water-based paint, watercolors, markers, etc, and finally the most important: newspapers, kraft paper that you have leftover, tote bags, Mason’s Jars of various sizes, old magazines, old maps (or not used), pieces of recycled cloth or small tablecloths purchased on purpose and that will be part of the gift, lace, fabrics, waxed paper, etc. Finally, do not forget about pine cones, olive, rosemary, lavender and pine branches, a couple of slices of dried citrus, and small ornaments and bells to decorate your gifts.

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🎁 ZERO WASTE GIFT WRAPPING IDEAS 🎅 • You have some thoughtful gifts to offer your loved-ones, but you aren’t so fond of the single-use plastic packaging, tape, ribbons, bells, and whistles? We feel you. It’s possible to forego wasteful packaging practices with some simple zero waste gift wrapping ideas. • Typical wrapping paper is laminated, which means the vast majority of the time it can’t be recycled. In fact, if you mix your non-recyclable wrapping paper in with your other recyclables, the whole batch of paper is contaminated and will likely get thrown out. Whoops. • Wrapping paper is no small problem. Every year, 2.3 million lbs. of wrapping paper ends up in the landfill in the States alone. If every U.S. family reused its wrapping paper to wrap just 3 gifts this year, the paper saved would cover 45,000 football fields. • The good news is: it’s easier than you’d think to break free of wasteful packaging. • Here are 4 Solutions: #1 Save & Reuse Packaging Materials #2 Reuse Scrap Materials #3 Wrap your gift in a gift! # 4 Use natural and secondhand decorations • Read more on our blog post about Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Ideas (link in bio) and find some tutorials in our story highlights! • Let us know how are you getting creative with your wrapping this holiday season! • • • #ecofriendly #sustainable #environmentallyfriendly #goinggreen #wastefree #sustainability  #reducewhatyouproduce #lowimpactmovement #zerowastelifestyle #waronwaste #lesswaste #intentionalliving #consciousliving #zerowastegiftwrapping #giftwrapping #diy #christmas

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Remember that the real gift is the hands that hold it, everyone will be delighted to see your beautiful zero waste gift wrapping and you can be sure that many will be inspired by you and copy your example for next year.


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