24 Bright Neon Color Ombre Nail Designs


Here are 24 bright neon color ombre nail designs, from Nail Designs Journal: Every season requires a special approach when it comes to the creation of the suitable look. When the summer hits, it is highly important that there is everything perfect about your image. Since every detail matters – your nails are on the list. […]

10 Easy And Delicious Keto Recipes For Lunch


Here are 10 easy and delicious keto recipes for lunch, from Top Inspired: Keto is short for “ketogenic” diet which is also known as being a low-carb diet. In this diet, you eat 80 percent fat while eating carbs is strictly left to a minimum. This means no pasta, rice, sweets or anything that contains wheat and […]

23 New Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair


Here are 23 new cute hairstyles for short hair, from Short-Haircut:  When summer comes, you will find it hard to bear your long hair due to the difficulty of its maintenance. Most of the people tend to turn to choose a short hairstyle, which will make them look cool and luscious. We have collected the cutest and newest […]

23 Adorable Gender Reveal Party Ideas


Here are 23 adorable gender reveal party ideas, from Stay Glam:  Gender reveal parties are the perfect way to share whether you are expecting a boy or girl with your family and friends. There are so many ways you can tell everyone your exciting news from cakes to smoke to confetti and balloons. We want you […]

20 Inspirational Bird Tattoos

Here are 20 inspirational bird tattoos, from Tattoo Easily: Birds are the very embodiment of nature and they possess a range of distinct qualities that we humans aspire to have and/or portray to the world. Humanity’s love for birds has been on since time immemorial and it’s even more manifest today. It’s not uncommon to find […]

Balayage and Highlighted Long Hairstyles

Here are balayage and highlighted long hairstyles, from Long-Hairstyles: It has not been too long since the Balayage hairstyles came into existence. However, its fame has already surpassed other hairstyles in terms of craze among the ladies with long hair. In case, you are new to the term balayage hair, it’s a way of highlighting your hair with some […]