Red Carpet Trend: Jewel Nails as Lizzo’s Nails

Another of the red carpet trends that the fourth week of awards left us was wearing jewel nails as Lizzo did. They are not only rhinestones decorating your nails but pieces similar to jewelry or jewelry itself like the mini versions that Swarovski produces. Jewel nails are a small luxury that will make you shine […]

Coolest Bridesmaid Dress Trends For 2020

If you are having bridesmaids at the wedding, choosing their dresses is always hard. Their dresses should be trendy, they should match your wedding color scheme and style and somehow show off the style of each girl. How to dress up your gals this year? Here are the coolest bridesmaid dress trends for this year […]

Colorful and Flowered Spring Cocktails for Weddings

Spring weddings must have many flowers and colors. It’s a rule of the season and we want you to include them even in cocktails. It’s not just about putting dye on a drink but also about the flavors and ingredients.  Opting for a selection of spring cocktails is an excellent option because your guests will […]

The Coolest Bridal Clutch Ideas for your Wedding Shoot

Have you thought about the accessories you will use for your wedding shoot? Beyond a special bouquet and extra shiny earrings, you could use a bridal clutch  that fits your style or you can choose it much cooler among the bridal clutch options with custom prints. Including a detail like this will break the monotony […]

Metallic Looks: the Latest Fashion Statement from #GRAMMYs

The 62nd #GRAMMY awards was full of brightness, receiving on the red carpet spectacular women who wore metallic looks. There were not only dresses but also metallic suits that made the camera flashes shoot more and caught everyone’s attention. Not only the lentils were part of those catching glitters, but also the fabrics with litmus-metallic aspects […]

Couture Bridal Dresses taken from the Latest Runway 2020

The latest couture designs presented during the spring couture runway are to drive all the bride-to-be who read us crazy! The designs surpassed the word S U R P R I S I N G because they were made for all types of modern women, all types of bodies and all kinds of tastes.  Although […]