Get style outfits by adding fashionable belts

We usually ignore belts because they are uncomfortable or not as easy to wear as a blouse or shorts. But they really are that accessory that can completely turn an outfit if you get the perfect fashionable belt. If in your closet you keep the most common belts that always combine with everything, you should […]

Easy ice pops with summer fruits, for the kids!

Moms and dads, it is summer and they will have their children at home for a couple of months, going crazy from now on. Probably one more disturbing thing is to be able to keep them entertained throughout the day without destroying the house, right? One of the things you can create and practice with […]

Top 5 Wedding Podcasts To Plan Your Wedding

Are you planning your wedding? How much time in advance do you think is necessary? Do you have any idea where to start? Planning a wedding can be extremely difficult and stressful, and depending on the theme, location and magnitude of the event, you will be adding more degrees of difficulty. Do you know what […]

Your “True Blue” Heels For Any Occasion

Nothing makes your look stand out more than the perfect blue heels! Blue color evokes peace, sky, water, sea, space, air,  and tranquillity. Along with red, it is the color of the kings, night, and fidelity. In many religions it is the color of the Gods. In Egypt, Amon has the blue skin, in Indian, […]

FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019; Who Are The Stars Of Our National Team?

In the eighth edition of the Women’s World Cup, the United States team made its debut last Tuesday against Thailand’s team. In an achievement worthy of its position in the Guinness World Records we could see how the team, led by coach Jill Ellis, defeated Thailand, with a final score of 13 – 0. We […]

Velvet furniture to have a “Fancy Space”

Velvet furniture? Not so common now but bohemian enough, glamorous and old at the same time to turn a space into something fancy. If you take a walk in the windows of some furniture store, you probably find many leather options but they always have a special space for velvet furniture that is never out […]