Diamond Rings


Emerald-cut halo diamond engagement ring


Micropavé-set diamonds to frame emerald-cut .60-carat center diamond in platinum. Ring includes .50-carat total weight of diamonds. Prices may vary depending on the diamond selected.

Blue Nile, $4,875, bluenile.com


  • Sapphire-and-diamond engagement ring


    Evil-eye design. Made with sapphire, diamonds, and gold. Solid 14-karat yellow-gold ring. Total of .08 carat of blue sapphires and .20 carat of diamonds.

    Adornia Fine Jewelry, $895, adornia.com 

  • norman-silverman-cushion-cut-diamond-engagement-ring-w724

    Cushion-cut diamond engagement ring with halo


    .46-carat cushion-cut diamond surrounded by pavé diamonds set in 18-karat white gold.

    Norman Silverman, $4,200, normansilvermandiamonds.com

  • doyle-and-doyle-art-deco-diamond-engagement-ring-w724
  • Art deco diamond engagement ring


    .50-carat total weight late art deco ring in 14-karat white gold with round .18-carat brilliant-cut center diamond.

    Doyle & Doyle, $1,200, doyledoyle.com 

  • gemesis-yellow-princess-cut-diamond-engagement-ring-w724
  • Yellow princess-cut diamond vintage-style engagement ring


    Yellow princess center in a vintage-style setting in white gold, .75-carat center and .50-carat accent diamonds in setting.

    Gemesis, $3,889, gemesis.com

  • Vintage platinum diamond engagement ring


    .75-carat total weight vintage diamond engagement ring in platinum with .60-carat transition round brilliant-cut center stone, circa 1940.

    Doyle & Doyle, $4,500, doyledoyle.com 


Adored for their distinctive square shape, asscher-cut diamonds are a striking alternative to the more popular round, princess and cushion-cut stones. The asscher cut’s step-cut facets and large, open table emphasize diamond clarity and color – with extraordinary effect.

The asscher-cut’s antique silhouette makes it a wise choice for those looking for a diamond engagement ring that stands out from the crowd.  Elizabeth Taylor, Zooey Deschanel and Gwyneth Paltrow are just some of the famous women who have worn asscher-cut diamonds over the years. Here are 5 unique ring styles that capture the fancy diamond cut’s brilliance.

tapered baguette asscher-cut engagement rings


For a contemporary twist, this design features tapered baguettes that emphasize the asscher-cut’s geometric appeal. A plain band allows the center diamond to draw focus, with its eye-catching ‘X’ table and cropped corners.

vintage halo asscher-cut engagement rings


This micropavé halo engagement ring complements the asscher-cut diamond’s cropped corners, for a style that’s bursting with vintage charm. More micropavé diamonds adorn the band, accented with delicate milgrain beading.

split shank asscher-cut engagement rings


split shank draws the eye to the center of your stunning asscher-cut diamond. French-set diamonds bring further brilliance – a counterpoint to the clear, large table of this fancy cut. This ring blends classic and vintage details for a look that’s wholly unique.

modern asscher-cut engagement rings


A subtle parting in this ring’s band meets your asscher-cut center diamond, highlighting its bold angles. An embellishment of micropavé diamonds across the band allows brilliance to reflect from all angles.

french-set halo asscher-cut engagement rings


It’s easy to see why this French-set ‘V’ halo is one of Ritani’s most popular designs. While its classic brilliance complements a variety of diamond cuts, we particularly love its effect as a setting for step-cut diamonds, such as the asscher and emerald shapes. The elegant halo accentuates, rather than hides, these diamonds’ distinguishing silhouette

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